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iBase-t simplifies how complex discrete products are built and maintained with modern manufacturing expertise and technology.

Our Mission

Bring Safety, Security, Sustainability and Confidence to the World of Complex Operations To Drive Higher Quality and Performance


Weaving Simplicity Into a Complex World

Since 1986, our team has been providing the digital operations tools necessary to drive innovation for the most complex manufacturing environments.

Our team’s domain knowledge spans aerospace and defense, electronics, industrial equipment, medical device, nuclear, space and ship building industries.

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Intelligence-Based Technology for Smarter Manufacturing

With 30 years of out-of-the-box thinking, iBase-t continues to invest in new technologies and process innovation so that our customers can create the products their dreams are made of.

Launched in 2020, Solumina iSeries is the world’s first industrial manufacturing software based on a microservices architecture.


Hear From the Experts

Hear from CEO Naveen Poonian and team on the current and future state of complex manufacturing and how iBase-t addresses our customers’ business challenges.

Meet the experts

We sat down to have a candid conversation with the iBase-t CEO, Naveen Poonian, Vice President of Aerospace and Defense, Pamela Schweppe and Sr. Manager, Customer Experience, Holly Haines. Hear what they have to say about today’s complex manufacturers and how we identify and augment a path ahead for our customers.

Our Customers

Manufacturers Transforming Tomorrow with iBase-t

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By the Numbers

Mission Accomplished
with iBase-t

For 30+ years, iBase-t has been removing the chaos from the manufacturing process and guiding our customers through successful programs.


iBase-t opens its doors

10 to 15%

annual reduction in defect rates with use of Solumina EQMS

90 Days

time-to-value for many iBase-t customers
Leadership Team

Meet the Team
That Leads the Way

Our executives lead by example; informing, inspiring and elevating our team because our collective wisdom paves the path forward for our customers’ success.

Naveen Poonian
Chief Executive Officer
Ladeira Poonian
Chairman of the Board
Scott Baril
Chief Operating Officer
Charlie Velasquez, Chief Financial Officer at iBase-t
Charlie Velasquez
Chief Financial Officer
Tom Hennessey
Chief Marketing Officer
Sebastian Grady
Chief Revenue Officer
Sung Kim
Chief Product and Technology Officer
Michel Gadbois
SVP, Chief Enterprise Architect
Daniel Flick
VP, Global Partner Ecosystems
Pamela Schweppe
VP, Sales
Mike DeClerck
VP, Professional Services
Jennifer Martinez
VP, Human Resources
Jasdeep Singh Mann
VP, Cybersecurity and Information Technology
Viresh Shah
VP, Managing Director, India
Words from the Wise

Hear From the Industry

We would like to thank iBase-t, our partner in this journey. They now have a product that is niche in this industry and there really isn’t anything else out there with this functionality.

First impressions of the iBase-t team — very professional. From a quality perspective, we’ve moved towards a single data source.

We selected iBase-t because of their experience in managing the complex processes involved in manufacturing highly engineered products.

Solumina was developed organically, not from disparate acquisitions and loose integrations. This organic product evolution allows for a more comprehensive and stable product in the current and in future releases.’

Our expanded partnership with iBase-t provides the digital tools required to bring everything together. We all want to complete the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and move to digital, but it’s worth remembering the first industrial revolution didn’t happen in a day. We need to work together to digitise and optimise entire supply chains before UK manufacturing can truly reap the rewards.

MOOG is really looking forward to implementing Solumina worldwide because we know the benefits we’re going to get from this software solution.

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