Model-based Enterprise

Achieve the Model-based Enterprise (MBE) by harnessing and propagating design decisions downstream to manufacturing and throughout the product lifecycle.

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iBase-t provides research offering insights for manufacturers looking to integrate their tech stack and evolve into a Model-based Enterprise.


Top Three Reasons to Become a Model-Based Enterprise

The MBE is uniquely capable of effecting positive change in three key areas: quality, velocity, and efficiency.


Design and process change is propagated systematically. Fewer mistakes or discrepancies are made during the production process.


Engineering changes now take minutes or hours versus days or weeks. Scrap and obsolescence are cut sharply.


Hours of indirect activities analyzing drawings and processing changes are eliminated. Engineers can focus on innovation.

MBE, the Key to Smart Manufacturing

MBE unlocks the intelligence of engineering models to automate downstream processes, improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase quality. Many manufacturers look at MBE as an integral part of their digital transformation strategy; it has the potential to help them become more competitive and responsive to market opportunities today and more resilient in the face of disruptions in the future.

Modernize the Way You Think About Product Lifecycle

Manufacturers are particularly interested in MBE when they realize that their existing systems are holding them back. Consequently, they are especially motivated to implement a modern approach that will support future growth. Manufacturers are integrating applications such as PLM, MES, SQM, and MRO as part of their MBE strategy.

Model Data Becomes the Core of the Digital Thread

Model features and characteristics (PMI Data) are linked to the manufacturing and supplier processes. Changes are automatically propagated for review and publication. Model visuals can now be accessible at every step of the process with intelligent highlights.


Bring Intelligence to Your Model-Based Enterprise

Solid model data is key in the manufacturing and quality processes. All evolutions are propagated as intended: supplier and work instructions, control plans, and auto-generated operation and step visuals.

No More Transcribing

Engineers are no longer called upon to interpret and transcribe engineering data.

Step Visuals Auto-Created

Each instruction step has a self-generated 3D visual highlighting key information and warnings.

Engineering Change-Time Collapses

Engineering changes that historically took months now get executed in hours.

Suppliers are Linked

Suppliers benefit from all the associative data by receiving rapid and accurate change notices.

The Model Speaks “Executive”

The solid model is no longer the property of engineering alone. It can use colors to tell executives where to improve.

3-5 % of Revenue Saved

Three to five percent of revenue is redirected to the EBITDA line. Engineers now focus on Innovating

MBE Transformation Partners

iBase-t has an ecosystem of specialized partners that can help you analyze your MBE maturity and opportunities by program and define a realistic strategy to achieve your MBE transformational objectives. Change is hard. These partners can bring you lessons from all of those who got there first, avoiding costly mistakes and speeding-up the process.

MBE Presentation

The ABCs and Opportunities of MBE by Michel Gadbois, VP, Chief Enterprise Architect, iBase-t.


Key Phrases Associated with MBE

Digital Thread

A communication framework that connects data and information from across the product lifecycle.

Digital Twin

A virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object.

Cyber Asset

The digital representation of a physical system used to communicate to other cyber-physical systems and applications in future smart factories.
By the Numbers

Revenue, Time, Value; MBE Makes a Lasting Impact

Those with an MBE strategy enjoy greater efficiencies, enabling more revenue growth, profit margin expansion, and lower costs.


Revenue back to EBITDA


Expected reduction of time wasted


Increased likelihood for growth above competitors without MBE
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