The Nuclear industry requires specialized
expertise to meet its demanding challenges.


The Experience To Guide The Most Critical Processes

Manufacturers in the nuclear armaments and propulsion industries face the most stringent of standards:

  • Auditable controls and reporting requirements
  • Procedures for producing and managing parts and supplies
  • Strict quality management
  • Implementation

iBase-t experts help simplify the management of quality and compliance, while at the same time help you reduce costs and improve program performance.

Thriving In A Highly Regulated Industry

Anyone working with nuclear materials knows navigating the nuclear regulatory environment is as complicated as it is critical. Going beyond federal regulations, the industry developed Nuclear Quality Assurance-1 (ASME NQA-1) with specific criteria to aid sites in maintaining the rigorous quality standards required is of ultimate importance. NQA-1 aids in managing a nuclear facility to ensure the highest degree of safety.



Simplify the Most Complex Regulatory Compliances

The Solumina manufacturing operations management platform helps ease regulatory dilemmas for nuclear industries by managing processes to the standards required. It automates daily work processes, and maintains traceability from parts and materials, to tests and inspections, revision-controlled work instructions, and tool calibrations. It traces people involved, and the sequence in which things are done.


Benefits Of Solumina
For Nuclear

Solumina solutions from iBase-t provide an innovative approach to simplifying how complex manufacturing, quality, and MRO processes are managed and improved to accelerate Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing strategies.

Ensure Compliance

Solumina supports ISO, ASME, NRC, and NUPIC regulatory standards with configurable, real-time workflows that enforce compliance at every stage.

Error Reduction

Work instructions include illustrations, 3D-models, videos, slideshows, and built-in data collections and signature prompts.

Built-in Quality

Embedded in Solumina, Enterprise Quality Management hard-wires quality procedures into your production process.

Unified View

An all-around view of product and process compliance and quality management of plants, products, and workflows.

Production Scheduling

Supervisors and production schedulers can view order statuses, schedules, and assignments to make efficient use of production cycles.

Decision Support

A unified view of manufacturing operations and the data collected at every step improve decision-making at all levels.
Solumina is incredible at managing the entire process, from planning, execution, quality, MRO. It allows great flexibility.
Senior Staff Engineer in the Manufacturing Industry

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