Software Developer Kit

Extend Solumina to meet business-specific requirements by building microservices, APIs, and front-end apps in the iSeries containerized environment.


Extend and Complement Solumina Functionality

The Solumina Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables developers to build and maintain custom microservices, APIs, and front-end applications that complement or extend the Solumina iSeries solution.

Using the SDK, you can layer on additional validation logic to Solumina’s backend, build new frontend layouts around existing features, or even build completely new custom features.

Access Solumina Technology

What is a SDK?

Simply speaking, the SDK is a series of coding files that provides access to the Solumina iSeries ecosystem, allowing the creation of custom microservices and the writing of APIs with custom code.

The custom code is written in separate applications that are deployed in the iSeries containerized environment. Since the standard Solumina code is not modified, it doesn’t create issues with upgrading later.

The Solumina SDK Includes Two Sets of Libraries That Are Used for Development: The Backend SDK and The Frontend SDK

The Backend SDK allows backend developers to write custom microservices and APIs, while the Frontend SDK lets frontend developers write custom screens and applications.

Backend SDK

The Backend SDK is a server-side framework for custom microservices and a replacement of Java extensions methodology. It handles queries and calls, like the way a list of parts issues is populated.

Developers need familiarity with Java, Maven (to automate the project’s build), Spring Boot (an open-source Java-based framework used to create microservices), and the fundamentals of implementing REST APIs with Spring Boot.

Frontend SDK

The Frontend SDK makes it possible to change the user interface, like adding a custom button to handle the display, as well as to authenticate and pass ID and session credentials received from Solumina to the backend.

Developers need familiarity with JavaScript as the programming language used for UI, React (a JavaScript library for building user interfaces), the React ecosystem of libraries, and Redux, an open-source JavaScript library.

Explore Endless Possibilities

Based on your business needs, your SDK deployment can consist of a custom frontend application with a standard backend microservice, a standard frontend application with a custom backend microservice, or a custom frontend and backend. These various combinations enable a vast range of possibilities.

  • Standard Frontend + Custom Backend: Layer additional validation logic onto the backend without changing the standard user interface.
  • Custom Frontend + Standard Backend: Build your own frontend layout around standard features and existing APIs.
  • Custom Frontend + Custom Backend: Build entirely new custom features, including frontend webpages, supporting APIs, and microservices.

Augment Your Capabilities

The Solumina iSeries SDK provides developers with a simplified way to create microservices, APIs, and frontend applications, enabling custom functionality that supports your business-specific needs.

Complementary Capabilities

Build custom microservices or applications that work with your Solumina implementation, such as a tool crib management app.

Custom Code without Upgrade Issues

Write custom code without modifying the standard Solumina code, avoiding costly upgrade challenges in the future.

Extend Your Digital Ecosystem

Integrate Solumina with virtually any other mission critical system in your IT landscape.