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Empower your team to improve productivity, prevent errors, and increase job satisfaction with digital work instructions.


Digital Work Instructions Are Integral To The Shop Floor Of A Smart Factory

If the MES is the central nervous system of a smart factory, digital work instructions (or smart work instructions) are the heart and muscle, distributing the latest instructions to the shop floor workers. The more workers you have, the more valuable digitized work instructions are, but even a single line in the factory benefits from delivering accurate instructions to every workstation exactly when needed every time.


What Are Digital Work Instructions?

Digital work instructions software is the paperless solution to guiding operators through their workflows on the shop floor. By replacing paper instructions with digital instructions, manufacturers streamline deployment to minimize downtime, improve quality and compliance, accelerate throughput, and make more money.


Monitor and Enforce Production Processes with Digital Work Instructions

Work instructions can include any supporting documentation to improve training, work speed, and accuracy.

Work instructions can easily be tailored to each worker’s task and skill level. With a couple of clicks, you can add any supporting documentation needed such as illustrations, 3D models, animations, videos, and more.

Smart work instructions ensure compliance at every step with built-in verification, data collection, and signature prompts.

Accelerate Deployment – Improve Accuracy

Speed-up deployments and change orders while at the same time improving accuracy. Workers get exactly the instructions they need, accurate and up to date. Instructions are easily accessed by specialized workstations, or through smart tablets and phones.

Manage Variations

Create and manage different variations of work instructions with ease. Instructions are customizable for different lines/workstations, work shifts, variable product features, or parts availability.

Because it’s all digitized, changes can be made and implemented quickly. Authorized users can configure workflows and distribute them in realtime. The system manages version control, so a record of all instructions is always available.

Gain Visibility

Data gathered by Digital Work Instructions can be turned into real-time reports for improved decision-making. You can see work orders completed by day, cycle times, work shift productivity, or any other variable you designate.

Am I having a good day? This is one of the hardest questions to answer in manufacturing.  Learn how digital reports can give you the answer.

Expand Your Vision

Digital Work Instructions can be integrated with other corporate systems like Digital Planning, ERP, and PLM to provide a more complete view of your manufacturing operations.


Benefits of Digital Work Instructions in an MES

Fewer Mistakes

Reduce defects by updating process plans after engineering changes orders in real-time.


Create a feedback loop with engineering to refine processes after defects & scraps.

Increased Productivity

Leverage barcode scanners for data input and streamlined process execution.

Scaled to Your Needs

Deploy to fit your needs, from a single shop floor to a global operation.

Built-in Compliance Management

Automatically enforce certification, signatures, data collection, and verify user training to standards.

Tracking & Performance

One interface to see operator performance, track workloads and manage accountability.

Faster Shop Floor Response

Eliminate searches for missing paper and manual rewrites & deploy change orders quickly.

Consistent Production and Quality

Standardize processes and set the foundation for continuous improvement.

Better Security

Better security and traceability than paper. Adaptable permissions and SOC2 compliance.

Planning Your Path To Profitability

iBase-t works with manufacturers of all sizes to identify the areas that are most in need of improvement. Then we help implement MES, Digital Work Instructions, and other applications in a phased approach that adds value and profitability at every stage.

With these applications now available via the cloud, they are practical and profitable even for medium and smaller sized companies.

In the end, you are talking about operational change management. You need end-user involvement – those who are doing the work to be involved in the process – in order to have any lasting success.

Scott Baril
Chief Customer Officer, iBase-t
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