Manufacturing Intelligence

Establish a framework for intelligent decision making with Solumina Manufacturing Intelligence.


Extend Business Intelligence to the Shop Floor

In an Industry 4.0 world, data is gold. Solumina Manufacturing Intelligence by iBase-t can give you visibility into every process. Our manufacturing-specific logic lets you view data in every dimension to gain deeper insights. Understand how to respond to disruption or opportunity with greater ease and efficiency. Access real-time information to support intelligent decisions across your extended enterprise.

Introduction to MI

Access Data and Visualize Performance

Manufacturing in complex environments often requires quick decisions based on complete data. But how do you transform raw data into structured manufacturing intelligence to support critical decisions?

Meaningful insights need full business context so you can respond quickly with the right action. Solumina Manufacturing Intelligence synthesizes data from across operations to track performance against business goals.


Features of Solumina Manufacturing Intelligence (MI)

Solumina MI enables visibility across production, quality, and MRO operations, contextualizing operational shop floor data into measurable business performance targets.

MI transforms your data from the Solumina transactional database to the MI data warehouse in a consumable format via the ETL process. Preconfigured calculations are provided within the data warehouse to analyze data efficiently for actionable solutions and overall improved situational awareness.

Metrics not only include information related to work orders, operations, holds and discrepancies, but also generate new analytical data to provide in-depth insight and meaningful analytics in real time. Leverage MI to gain granular visibility into operations and control how real-time data is collected, contextualized, and measured.

Flexible Visualization Options

Solumina MI’s open architecture enables data to be visualized in a variety of BI reporting tools. Leverage customizable preconfigured dashboards or use your preferred BI reporting tool to create new visualizations.

Preconfigured Reports

Access user friendly, out-of-the-box reports and dashboards when you pair Solumina MI with select BI tools. Preconfigured metrics and visualizations include schedule, performance, quality, and sustainment – each allowing drilldown for greater detail.

Streamlined Reporting

Paired with your preferred BI reporting tool, Solumina MI makes reports from disparate systems—which once took hours to run and manage—available in minutes, and accessible anywhere, anytime. Extend visibility by accessing data from mobile iOS and Android applications and devices.

Flexible Analysis

Analyze information related to work orders, unit holds, discrepancies, and rework flows. Apply dimensional views to slice and dice data by location, department, or work center; by program, model, or project; by product or serial number; by cause, defect, or category type; or by hold.

Benefits of Solumina Manufacturing Intelligence

Solumina MI paired with a BI reporting tool provides real-time visibility into production, quality, and sustainment operations data. These metrics help you make informed decisions to achieve company objectives, improve productivity, and identify and prevent potential issues.

Enhance BI Insights

Extend the value of your existing BI reporting tools with real-time visibility into plant floor KPIs.

Improve Processes

Gather the insights needed to drive process improvement and higher quality standards across your operations.

Drive Performance

Leverage key design and operational data to improve production, quality, and sustainment performance.

Prioritize Initiatives

Get a clear view of your operations to identify strategic initiatives that improve quality and maximize efficiency.

Ease Data Discovery

Complement existing Solumina solutions to ease complex data discovery and intelligent decision support.

Support Critical Decision Making

Analyze data to easily find root causes for low performance and respond faster to mitigate negative impacts.

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